850x3.com Membership Information

850x3.com is a members-only website.  Because much of this information isn’t public, it’s important that we protect it or it could end up being outdated quickly.  We do release some information publicly and many of our tools are available for anyone to use.

Free Membership

Membership to 850x3.com is actually free but you can’t just register — this prevents spammers and scrapers from signing up.  Membership is also anonymous if you want it to be, we don’t even ask for your email address.

Because demand for access is high, there is a waiting list for free memberships.  You are welcome to visit our Facebook Page and send a private message to request an account, or contact us via one of the forums we are active on.  We will add you to the wait list and provide you with an estimated approval date.

Donations for Membership

Some folks can’t wait to become members, so we do offer the option to make a donation to become a member.  Please contact us via our Facebook Page for more information.  A $5 donation will get you 1 month of access while a $50 donation will get you a lifetime of access.

Membership Benefits and Perks

Membership to 850x3.com will get you access to many things hidden from the public, including an actual credit score simulator that will show you what items on your report are costing you the most points and helping you get to a higher score.

Membership also includes personal help with your credit reports, credit score and future credit applications.  If you have a need, want or desire for a new credit product, we will be happy to give you some pointers in how you can help yourself.

Note: we are not a credit repair company nor do we guarantee results of any kind.  We’re just a bunch of people who love learning about the financial and credit systems and sharing some data points with others.  We hope that if you learn to do it all yourself, you will share your results with others as well.