You’re visiting a work-in-progress site.


The long term goal is to create a “social network” of folks who want to fix their credit and build wealth while reducing financial anxiety.  There will be no news, no politics, no sports, no popular media talk.  The entire goal here is to gather data (anonymously) to find ways to properly build wealth for others.



Please note that there are no ads or affiliate links on this website.  We are not sponsored directly or secretly by anyone trying to get you to spend your money.  The website is built and supported on voluntary membership fees (and “donations”) but those donations only come from people helped in the past, not people who need help today.  The main idea is if a person finds wealth and financial comport because of this site, they will likely want to support it.  Many won’t.  That’s fine, it’s normal.  We’re greedy and selfish and there’s nothing wrong with either of them.

Membership is free but there will always be a constant wait-list.  This is because each new member gets help from a real person, and there isn’t enough time in the day to address everyone’s needs instantly.

If you’re desperate for help and can’t wait, there’s an optional membership fee which gets you to the front of the line.  The membership fee is low and time-limited — once your paid membership expires, your place is line is where it would have been had you waited.


Anonymous Social Network

The “social network” part of this site will not involve your real name or email address (unless you decide to submit either).  This is for your protection as well as ours.  We will never ask for your credit card number or billing address, either. The home page simulator is just a one-time thing: if you refresh the page, you lose your data.  Members with a login can use a simulator that stores the data you want stored, so you can do projections and simulations.  It will also give you better advice on managing your income and expenses and investments, again without ads or affiliate commissions involved. Data on the site is private — it is only available to show others if you want to, and you have complete control over what data is shared.

How this differs from other sites

This site is different than other sites because there’s nothing “automatic” about it.  This site will NEVER log into your bank accounts or credit card accounts to scrape information to sell to advertisers and marketers.  In fact, we believe that those automated sites make it LESS likely that you will stick to a budget and plan.

When you want to add a credit card or check transaction, you add it manually.  This keeps you active and keeps you focused on what you’re spending.  The automated websites like Mint or YNAB all try to do too much for you.

Your financial health and future are your responsibility.  There’s no need to have a robot get your data and fill it in.  If you want to go from poverty mode to wealth mode, you have to be active about it always, and proactive about the future.

Unlike other apps that just throw pretty screens up and give you a snapshot of what you’re doing, this site will involve you because the data people voluntarily share anonymously will be used specifically to look for things that we can anonymously group together and give our members assistance with.  It’ll remind you when to look for credit limit increases and it’ll even give you a better idea if a credit application will be approved or denied.

And we will never, ever sell or share or give away your information.  We don’t want to know your email address, real name, account numbers or anything.  No need for adblockers here because there are no ads.

We won’t email you ads or marketing junk because we don’t have your email address or name or home address.  You’re welcome to share that info but we don’t need it and we probably don’t want it.

How you can be involved

Right now, we are limiting who can use the site because it’s being developed and we don’t want people to put in hours of work only to have a bug wipe things out.  So we’re invite-only.  You can get an invite very easily by visiting our Facebook Page and asking for an invite.  Early adopters will get fast results in feature requests for sure.  In the long run, we hope to develop a website that isn’t run by the banks and marketers and credit score agencies or credit report agencies.  The idea is to give you power to manage your future wealth by planning everything you want to plan — if you want to plan it.