GM Financial Goodwill Letter

Unfortunately, the history and datapoints show that GM Financial is unwilling to make goodwill adjustments to truthful reporting.  Even emails to the VP of Finance show they are not going to adjust the reporting of lates for any reason.

Data point threads on GM Financial goodwill requests:

If your late payment is 30D or 60D, do note that it hurts your FICO score much less at the 2 year mark and even less at the 4 year mark.  Late payments of 90D or worse do hurt significantly for the full 7 year reporting period.  See the Late Payments versus FICO scoring page for details.

GM Financial Executive Office

Please note: do NOT mail payments to this address.

801 Cherry Street, Ste. 3600
Fort Worth, TX 76102

GM Financial Executive Names

Here is a list of names of people to write letters to:

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