This page has information gathered from data points on when lenders report to the credit bureaus and if they will re-report mid-cycle.  If you have your own data points to share, please share them with us.

American Express (AmEx)

American Express generally does not report the first statement balance and is well known to report the 2nd balance and after.  The balance on the statement cut date is the balance reported to the bureaus.

Capital One

Capital One reports balances from the statement cut date.  There are many data points that Capital One may report the first statement well before the first due date so be aware not to run high utilization before your first due date as it may report to the bureaus.

Capital One is also known for not reporting a balance at all for up to the first 3 statement dates.  There is no rhyme or reason why some folks get reported before their first due date, and others see no update at all for up to 3 cycles.


Chase reports credit card balances on statement date to the bureaus.

Note that Chase also will send a new report mid-cycle if you pay the balance to $0.  Be careful if you use a Chase card for your AZEO Method because while it will report your small balance at statement cut, if you pay off the rest of the balance due before the due date, they will re-report the $0 balance causing your score to drop for not reporting a balance on one card.


Discover will report your statement cut balance to the bureaus quickly after.

Note that if you make a payment after the statement cuts, you can request a re-reporting by Discover midcycle through chat or a phone call.  Discover is happy to push a new balance update if you need it.